Sarah Fuhrman 

Sarah was born in upstate NY and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Fuhrman has had Solo and two-person exhibitions at Slag Contemporary, and has exhibited in group shows at Brooklyn Fireproof, September Gallery, in Hudson, New York, Select Art Fair with Füchs Project Space, and with Debtfair Project of Occupy Museums for the 2017 Whitney Biennial, among others.


Artist Statement

Sarah Fuhrman paints generative fictions and abstractions that she constructs using elements of poured paint, collage, landscape, portraiture and screen culture. Her multimedia images contain allegories on occasion and poetic, painterly disharmonies in others, all the while invoking contemporary discourse of both ecology and psychology. Over time, Fuhrman constructs calculated systems of protoplasmic sky and water ways that are often surrounded by carefully delineated too-good-to-be-true lush green land, cold cement walkways, or other worldly dirty grounds of rough asphalt that are blacker than the blackest of black. Often residing over these quasi-territories are feminine actors- the overlooked historical figures with which society has deemed “witchy”, outsider, or marginalized- made pivotal and forthright. Compositionally, Fuhrman decidedly destabilizes the viewers’ sense of gravity and horizontality by creating abstractions of landscapes that metamorphose interconnectedness of ground, figure, and landscape into ethereal spaces. The seemingly floating, populated locations remain physically ambiguous, neverending, or mysteriously placed, yet altogether playful and alchemistic, leading the viewer into multiple paths of discovery or jest.