Samantha T. Franklin

Samantha T Franklin is a New York City based artist whose work explores the complexities between sexuality and gender norms. Franklin graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Painting and is currently the Gallery Assistant at Nahmad Contemporary. 


Artist Statement

Playing with light and shadow, Franklin creates high contrasts and bold imagery. Through her series, “Top to Bottom," she delves into the erotic nature of dominant versus submissive roles, depicting society’s preconception of male and female identities. Franklin’s work is a reflection of her interactions with the world. She tends to explore themes in sex, feminism, femininity and other socio-political issues. Franklin expresses her infatuation with the human form and how sexuality within an image becomes multi-representational. Furthermore, the artist plays with the idea of how the human body is “used” on canvas or paper. She literally draws inspiration from what she sees or feels as she navigates through life. Whether it be from the news or direct observations, her artwork will be an expression of how she is impacted by society.