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Pink Smudge

Pink Smudge

Sarah was born in upstate NY and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Fuhrman has had Solo and two-person exhibitions at Slag Contemporary, and has exhibited in group shows at Brooklyn Fireproof, September Gallery, in Hudson, New York, Select Art Fair with Füchs Project Space, and with Debtfair Project of Occupy Museums for the 2017 Whitney Biennial, among others.

Artist Q & A

Where do you live/work?

I have a live/work space in East Bushwick on the third floor of a family owned house that I love. My roomates and I turned the living room into my studio, and the other artist/designer in the apartment has turned the dining room into her studio! It’s weird and crazy and we love it.

What themes do you explore in your art?

I’m obsessed with the feminist history, gesture and various aesthetics of pouring paint. I pour paint on multiple surfaces to get varying effects. Through this process I explore multiple themes ranging from depictions of psychologically charged spaces to the creation of entirely other worlds. I love painting people and allegories and patterns, and these subjects tend to infiltrate all of my paintings.

What is your experience being a woman in this industry?

While it is definitely a good time to be a woman in art, the capitalist, white, hierarchical patriarchy is still very much in full swing, and white male artists still have more financial success than female artists ever have. There may be more of us these days, but we are still getting the short end of the stick, statistically speaking. Maybe it is beginning to change.

Nevertheless, I think that being any kind of committed visual artist can and will definitely be difficult and challenging. The path of any artist will most likely be a hard one, especially at first. I am inspired by hard working artists, curators and supporters of the arts of all genders, colors and ethnicities everyday here in NYC, and for that reason, it is inspiring to be here. 

Who are some artists/art professionals that you admire?

In grad school I found out about Rita Ackermann, and fell head over heals for her. I’m also obsessed with Katherine Bernhardt and literally drool anytime I see her work (old or new). As a youngster I was obsessed with Paul McCarthy and Alice Neel. . I’ve always loved Van Gogh and Egon Schiele, but who doesn’t? Henry Darger will always be my biggest hero because he made the work for himself in a child-like way and compromised nothing for his genius vision and I find that to be holy.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Cabane A Boudoir

Cabane A Boudoir

I wake up and always drink a cup of coffee (my first of the day) and feed my kitties Tyrone and Jasper Johns. If I woke up early enough before work, I either paint or run errands or clean house or shower. At work, I am lucky enough to walk 2 cute dogs in Prospect Park for an hour or more. I do lots of meditative thinking here about my paintings, colors, ideas, life etc. Once I do this, at my day job (Im a nanny), I tend to have lots of downtime. I usually read, draw, edit photos, update my website or apply to residencies during this time. I also scour resources for openings.

After work, I make my dinner and my kitties’ dinners, and then paint, after my 2nd (3rd?) cup of coffee. Some Thursday and Friday nights, I go to art openings. 

Where do you find inspiration?


What's next?

Getting better at socializing (HA)!! And working larger and more ambitiously!

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