Kara Cox

Kara Cox is an abstract painter born in Rochester New York, and graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2016 with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. She has also published writing with The Brooklyn Rail, and exhibition reviews with Art Critical magazine. She has recently exhibited with Main Street Arts, Norchar and Haus, Watchung Arts Center, Eric Firestone Gallery, Abrons Art Center, and Trestle Gallery. Kara currently lives in Providence Rhode Island as a 2020 MFA Candidate at Rhode Island School of Design.


Artist Statement

My paintings are composed of layering, experimental mark making, and sensitivity to detail. I aim to create a tension between accidental and purposeful mark making. I am always trying to combine precision and exactitude with roughness or the casual quality of the handmade. Following a process or set of rules is crucial to my practice, and where I can find the most room to explore and engage with making new work. The paintings exemplify a compression of time that is contingent on deviation from a matrix. I've mainly been thinking about fleeting moments, and ephemeral residue resulting from overworked mark-making...speeds and modes that I hope reflect current anthropological anxieties. The paintings come from reflecting upon entropy, and the increasingly unstable and widening theoretical space we culturally find ourselves occupying. This is the dystopian reality we've adopted, and a total inability to rely on hopes or desires for a future. The paintings serve as space for rumination on the landscape as no longer a reckoning of the sublime, but a force of inundation; awareness for the world's indifference to our existence, and a complete impartiality towards kindness or morality.