Ali Ha

Ali Ha is a descendant of a long line of woman quilters, each with a unique style and discernment for perfection. However, she did not grow up on a farm like her mother, she grew up with deviant culture and social disorder on the east coast, later attending art school at Syracuse University Visual and Performing Arts College. She moved to New York City in 2000 and began to blend her art and upbringing. She created fabric 3D movable sculptures and showed them with the artist group Skewville. Eventually, as the sculptures proved difficult for transport or storage, she worked on flat art pieces still using fabric as the medium. From 2002-2015, her work was shown in various galleries and occasionally adding art to the streets under the nom de plume Pufferella. Ali Ha also founded, curated and operated Orchard Street Art Gallery in Lower East Side, NYC (2002-2007) and Factory Fresh in Brooklyn (2008-2012) with her previous partner Ad Deville of Skewville. In the past few years, Ali Ha’s art and mental focus shifted from figurative personalized art to futuristic landscape and flashy animal portraits continuing to use fabric as the base however also now adding ink and paint to create the final scenes. This additional material has allowed her work to take a new direction and evolve into its current form shown recently at Art Fairs and Juried Shows during 2017/2018. Currently working out of an art studio in Greenpoint, BK at an old rope factory, has allowed her to make larger works for her 2018 series.